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Insulation has many benefits that one can enjoy once they make the decision to invest in their homes by installing the right type of insulation. Hiring the right insulation contractor in your area makes the job of finding the best insulation type for your home an even easier task. Try us!

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Garage/Basement Insulation

     Your basement and garage are two of the most important parts of your house that have to be well-insulated. It’s easy to neglect these two, as these parts of your house are not something you always spend your time in.

     Spending on the insulation of your garage and basement is a project worth investing in because its benefits go a long way and last for decades without having to spend for its maintenance from time to time; which saves you not only money but also your time. Unfortunately, not having these spaces of your home insulated will have a huge impact on the thermal performance of your home.

     Living in a location with a hot, arid climate, your basement and garage can easily become some of the hottest spaces in your home that produce heat; preventing your home from having cooler and better air quality. To reduce the heat coming from your basement and garage, only choose insulation types with a high R-value to be installed in these parts of the house so they can hold as much thermal resistance as they can.

     Some of the most effective insulation types that are effective at combating heat coming from the basement and garage are spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, and foam board insulation. Making every second spent inside your home still comfortable even with a desert-like climate means taking a chunk of your savings to invest in installing high-quality insulation even in the most neglected spaces of your home.

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